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Donations instead of gifts - make your contribution to our own shelter!

We are currently leasing a piece of land with a house for our shelter. So that we can continue our long-term planning, we have to protect ourselves from external influences and changes. That is why we are planning the next step to acquire a piece of land to build our own shelter there. The costs for this currently exceed our financial resources.

Having our own house enables us to optimally protect and look after women and children. Since we are constantly growing and are being assigned new cases by official bodies more and more frequently, we need more capacity and have to continuously optimize security, infrastructure and protective measures, also with regard to COVID-19.

We would like to thank all of our supporters from the very beginning. Because only through you have we been able to lay the foundation for direct help and show how important protective facilities are in Sri Lanka. Every little contribution to our fundraising campaign brings us step by step towards the goal: to strengthen the independence, rights and protection of women in Sri Lanka!

During this difficult time, make your contribution to our own shelter and give the women and children in Sri Lanka a safe roof over their heads. Thank you!

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