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We urgently need a new contact point

We recently found out that the rental contract for our contact point was terminated at the end of January. However, Inoka and Devika are determined to find a permanent solution and have decided to buy an existing, easily accessible house. In this house, women and children are received before being taken to the secret location of the shelter.


During sensitive court cases, our Colombo lawyers will work in the house to have a place to work during the trial days. Daily work such as accounting, communication, planning and networking is also done from this location.More infohere.

The expected amount for the purchase of a building for our contact point is approximately 60,000 francs. The facility for this already exists. 


We are incredibly grateful for every donation, no matter how small.

Visits & Volunteering

We are currently receiving many requests from donors who would like to visit us at the shelter in Sri Lanka. However, the protection and safety of women and children are our top priority.

Unfortunately, we cannot grant access to the shelter grounds, but we can welcome you to our public outreach center in Matara. Here, our team members are available for discussions and questions to learn more about our work.


To schedule an appointment, please send an email to with a justification of why you want to visit the Sambol Foundation. Please note that, depending on resources, we may need to selectively choose visits, as we are a small organization.

We thank you for your understanding and support. Your donation and solidarity mean a lot to us and help us improve the lives of women and children in the shelter.

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By reaching the crowdfunding target amount last year and many generous donations, we have come a few steps closer to the Safe Village. So we were able to start construction this year. In August we reached the first milestone, the installation of the Sambol Safe-Village security gate. Further information on the construction progress will follow in early 2023.


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and we still need donations to continue the construction of the shelter despite the ongoing economic and political crisis in the country.

Here you can donate directly

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The future official entrance to the shelter village is already in place.

Sambol Foundation

The Sambol Foundation promotes the protection of women and children affected by violence in Sri Lanka. Supervised accommodation and training should improve the living situation. Detailed information on the foundation's work here .

Sambol Foundation

Donate now

As a non-profit foundation, we cover the costs of building and operating the shelter with donations. With your donation you are helping to ensure that women affected by violence and their children have the opportunity to escape and help.

Die Beschriftung am Tor

With the purchase of a Sambol Foundation article you help women and children affected by violence and give them refuge, security, therapy and a chance for an independent and violence-free life. You also support the weavers and helpers at Rice&Carry.

Here is the shop.

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About us

The Sambol Foundation was founded in 2018 by Devika and Luca Salomon. 


In 2017, after much planning, they decided to break up the tents in Zurich and put all their energy into building up the foundation on site. Since 2021 they have been spending 5-6 months a year in Sri Lanka to support the foundation's work on site.
The foundation enables help and wants to change structural and social norms. The first stabilization takes place through the shelter, fixed structures and support in everyday life. After therapeutic and legal support, a successor solution should be worked out so that a self-determined life becomes possible.


The foundation's name comes from an addition to Sri Lankan curry. A "sambol" is served as an extra to a curry, it gives color and an extra taste. In a figurative sense, this should also apply to the foundation.

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